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Do you ever wish you had a really satisfying religious faith - a faith that did not ask you to believe impossible things but made good sense that would enable you to live a happier and more worthwhile life? We Christadelphians have such a faith and would like to share it with you!

It was Bertrand Russell philosopher, historian and unbeliever - who, after studying the Christians of the first century, and the Christian sects of the 20th century, said: "Christianity was in its earliest days, entirely unpolitical. The best representatives of the primitive traditions in our time are the Christadelphians who believe the end of the world to be imminent and refuse to have any part in secular affairs."

Bertrand Russell's conclusion was shared by another independent scholar, Professor G.C. Field, who, when commenting on the beliefs and practices of the Christadelphians and one other community, said: "I feel little doubt that their attitude is much closer to the attitude of the earliest Christians than that of the larger religious bodies."

As Christadelphians, our aim is to recapture the beliefs and practices of the early church. We have our faults of course, but this is the right road to travel, and we would like you to explore it with us.

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We also have a strong hope for the future. Our future is on earth.

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