The Beast (Part 3)

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THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST was an image (not a statue) of the sea beast (Papal Rome.) It was made by command from the earth beast by those within his realm. This image had no substance until it was given life by the beast that had commanded both its making and its worship. This earth beast then caused the image to speak, and torture or slay those who refused its worship. Revelation 13:15-16.

So the beast whose deadly wound was healed was reflected in a living organisation throughout the whole realm of the earth beast. The image of the Pontiff enthroned in Rome was originally set up in Germany, but was soon seen in the whole realm of the revived western leg of the old Roman Empire. Monasteries, missionaries and priests were everywhere in the realm of the earth beast. They were empowered by this beast to bring to trial all who opposed the edicts of the Papal Bull.

The long arm of the priesthood spread into France, Spain, England, the Netherlands, Norway etc. There was no country in Europe that was exempt from at least the influence of Popes Innocent III & IV in the years of its greatest power (1190-1268). The church had absolute power in the west, and had established relationships in the east. Its influence spread from the tip of Portugal, to Russia; from Scotland in the north to Norway; and from Italy and North West Africa to the Turkish peninsular. There was nowhere in this image of the old Roman Empire that could be considered safe from the long arm of the church. (refer The Penguin Atlas of World History Vol. 1, page 173)

THE INQUISITION - The following is from the Encyclopaedia Brittanica

"After the Roman Church had consolidated its power in the early Middle Ages, heretics came to be looked upon as enemies of society. With the appearance of large-scale heresies in the 11th and 12th centuries--notably among the Cathari and Waldenses -- Pope Gregory IX in 1231 instituted the papal Inquisition for the apprehension and trial of heretics. The inquisitorial procedure was quite detailed; but, in general terms, it gave a person suspected of heresy time to confess and absolve himself, and, failing this, the accused was haled before the inquisitor and interrogated and tried, with the testimony of witnesses."

"The use of torture to obtain confessions and the names of other heretics was at first rejected but was authorized in 1252 by Innocent IV. On admission or conviction of guilt, a person could be sentenced publicly to any of a wide variety of penalties, ranging from simple prayer and fasting to confiscation of property and imprisonment, even life imprisonment. Condemned heretics who refused to recant, as well as those who relapsed after condemnation and repentance, were turned over to the State, which alone could impose the death penalty."


However the Pope had his own inquisition at Rome. He ruled what is known as the Papal States of Central Italy directly from 756 to 1870. So the responsibility for the persecution and destruction of "heretics" in that region rested with him. When he was finally deprived of these states in 1870 it was thrown open to the inspection of the public. Letters appeared in the London Daily News at the time. The Daily News correspondent himself, visited Rome only to discover the grim truth of those horrors imposed by the Papal authorities. He reports to have seen skeletons and human remains in huge underground vaults, as they were removing masses of decayed and stinking animal matter.

Attached to some of this decaying flesh, he saw silken hair clearly identifiable as human. He reports to have been thoroughly sickened by the sight. A report of his newspaper article was given by Robert Roberts of Birmingham in 1893 in the course of four town hall lectures.


These lectures also provided the following information:- A pamphlet named "The Hidden Hand" was issued in London about 1890 by Robert Banks and Son. It listed sixty different kinds of torture that were used in the inquisition either as punishment, or to extract confessions or induce "heretics" to recant. It states, "Romish persecutors exhausted all the arts of pain so that it will now be difficult to discover or invent a new kind of it, which they have not already practised upon those marked out for heretics." (my emphasis) "They have been shot, stabbed, stoned, drowned, beheaded, hanged, drawn, quartered, impaled, burnt or buried alive, roasted on spits, baked in ovens…..their intenstines have been pulled forth by degrees….strings have been drawn through their noses, and then led about like swine, and butchered like sheep."


Statistical investigations of Llorente have demonstrated that the Spanish inquisition alone, between the years of 1481 and 1808, condemned over 300,000 persons to death. 81,912 of these were burnt alive and nearly 800,000 tortured and condemned to severe penances. Friends of the inquisition in some countries of Catholic Europe have published statistics at various times boasting how the inquisition had acted to maintain the "true church" on earth. An estimate has been made from these statistics, incriminating the popes of Europe to have either directly or indirectly slain FIFTY MILLION of the best of mankind. Their only crime was to refuse to submit to the outrageous and blasphemous claims of the church of Rome. God alone knows how many have been sacrificed on the altar of their faith, and integrity.


Most people today have forgotten the papal reign of terror. These days of ecumenism have blinded most to think that the Roman system has always been tolerant. The ecumenical movement is a ruse to once again bring the "errant children of Rome" under her banner. Where once no one could buy or sell without her mark in their right hand or in their forehead. (Rev 13: 16-17) They had to do as Rome did, and think as Rome thought, or perish. Before these horrors from the Papal States were released in London, the Christadelphians had anticipated that by the year 1870 the Pope’s temporal power would cease – even when there was no sign of this politically. They based this expectation on Revelation 13:5 that limited his power to 1260 years.


Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of (a) man; and his number is Six hundred threescore (and) six. Note carefully that it is the number of man (not necessarily a man). Greek has no indefinite article ‘a’. Why then, is it the number of man and not ‘a man?’ It is because the deception of this "kingdom of God on earth originated with man and not God. In the Bible the number of man is 6. Here it is triplicated as 666. This number corresponds to the Greek form ‘lateinos.’ It means ‘Latin man’ or ‘man of Latium’. Latium was the part of ancient Italy where Rome was founded, and its language developed. Lateinos is computed in Greek as shown below:-

Also, all the Latin numerals in use in John’s day when The Revelation was written, add to 666. So the system of government this refers to is of Latin origin and points significantly to Rome.

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